by Michelle Congdon


I know nothing about Baseball and I have no desire to learn anything about it either, but I know a good book when I read it and this is a good book!

Evangeline was had everything she could have possibly wished for growing up, or so it would seem but she has missed so much following the death of her mother and brother. Her father’s money means nothing when it has meant that she has missed out on his love and support. Grandparents are all well and good but what little girl doesn’t want the love and attention of her father?

But when she is called to New York, she comes across Ryan, the super talented a, media darling Baseball player.

I mean Ryan is huge, his face is plastered all over the advertising hoardings but this man has an ego to match, he is good and he knows it!!

When the media recluse meets the media whore, there has to be a compromise somewhere, but who is going to change their stance?

The story follows the pair of them as they develop a relationship, Evie helping Ryan with some of the issues that plague him and him trying to help bring her out of her shell and blossom with confidence.

But can they really overcome his past and will they survive the scrutiny of the ever present media?

The story is an easy read but that is not to say that it will not cause you more than its fair share of anguish. You will be torn at times with regards to the fact that you will really want to scream at both Evie and Ryan.

The story wavers through a sea of emotions, the characters are not only really loveable but they did make me laugh.
Great work.