by Skye Warren

It would amiss of me to not say just how much I loved the cover, there was just something so captivating, much like Hugo himself.
And I will have to ask you forgiveness right here and now about the fact that my musings are endeavouring not to give too much away, this is actually twofold because
One: I don’t want to spoil the story for you
Two: if I relieve it in too much detail I will end up drooling all over my keyboard, Hugo was just delicious.
Told from Hugo’s point of view the book didn’t just keep me captivated, nope I felt wooed, Hugo oozed charm and wielded his sexuality like a weapon and quite rightly so, he was glorious but was it a case of what was on the outside mirroring the real man or was this beautiful creature hiding a pain that he had yet to accept…well what do you think???
With a reputation that he most certainly deserved, Hugo was the best in the business, he leaves nothing to chance and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that the women that hire him for his services get the full package.
He has his rules but when he is hired by the impossibly shy Bea ( who just happens to have absolutely ZERO experience…if you know what I mean) , he may just have to rethink everything he had in place, because this painfully naive girl is on a mission to discover all the things she has been missing out on and she has selected Higo as the lucky guy to teach her.  
I thought Hugo was a dream, but Bea was a simple woman, who despite having led a painfully sheltered life so far, knew her own mind and that spoke to me. I hoped that with Hugo she would find her inner strength let alone the man of her dreams
This really was a fantastic story, well written, indescribably evocative with absolutely intoxicating characterisation.
A beautiful story that left a smile on my soul.

Topic: ESCORT by Skye Warren

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