by P. Dangelico

A story that totally won me over.

I want sure what I was going to think about the story, but the blurb appealed to me, so I was ready to dive right in, I shouldn’t have doubted myself because once I got started, I didn’t want to stop.

Successful business owner Amanda is getting ready to open a second Yoga studio in the Hamptons with her bestie, and while she stays behind and runs things in the city, Amanda heads of to the Hamptons with her son Sam and settles into overseeing the creation of the new studio.

Little did she know that she would have a house guest – Calvin’s teammate Grant, who is taking time out to recover from surgery.

It wasn’t an auspicious start but with more rooms that you can shake a stick at, you would have thought that the pair of them would have managed to keep out of each other’s way…nope not a chance, Grant seemed able to push every one of her grumpy buttons without even trying and she was adamant that she didn’t need to have him and gloriously handsome self around either her or her son.

The resulting shenanigans were hilarious.

A sound read that was not only romantic, it was funny and pitched with just enough attitude to make it all really interesting.

Thoroughly enjoyable.


Topic: Bulldozer by P. Dangelico

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