Edges of Gone

by Jessica Gouin

As this is the second book in the series and whilst it is not absolutely critical I would ask that you consider reading Six Years Gone, the first in the series before you start this one, I think that you will garner so much more for having spent some time immersed in this author work.

This is the story of Sloane and Owen and much like the first story, it is far from easy. Their wedding day was ruined and if they don’t want the rest of their lives to follow suit they have to get their heads around their situation and work out how to move on.

But is that even possible?

They have a lot to deal with, but as much as the obstacles that are place before them are there to be overcome it was the internal battles that seemed to weigh heavier on them and their relationship.

Could they keep their fledging marriage afloat?

I had my fingers crossed for the pair of them but having read the author first work, I knew that she wasn’t going to make it easy on either them or I.

Emotionally I felt washed out by the time I had finished the read, it was draining. The darkness was what made me sad, not sad enough not to read to the end obviously but just sad a for a situation that saw Sloane and Owen on a path that I would much rather they had been able to escape.

BUT…just you wait until you get a load of that Epilogue!!!

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