by Tia Louise

A second chance love story that spanned a decade but was destined to last a lifetime.

 A love that took hold in the souls of two youngsters and that never let go, even when they did always holding on to the fact that they would find their way back to each other.

A love that refused to be defeated even when the battle it was fighting was with the hearts of those that it consumed.

This took the opportunity of finding that special someone and held on, through thick and thin, this was about finding what was meant to be and to then accept that it was time to stop looking…a journey completed.

Ember Warren wanted one thing when she was younger, the one thing her mother said she couldn’t have…Jackson Cane. He was everything her heart desired and everything her mother knew would break that heart in two and when college beckoned and Jackson left, that heart didn’t break…it shattered.

So, a decade on and Jackson is back and the boy that left has grown up into a man that knows his own mind and regrets the fact that he left Ember behind but reasons were as plentiful as the regret that kept it company every step of the way.

Could they find a way to mend the damage between them, after all their hearts knew each other instantly?

Were they going to allow what they had to remain a memory or could they start over?

Of course, there is more to this than just them finding their way back to each other because that path is littered with so many secrets and lies, and not just little itsy bitsy ones, no these have the capacity to totally change their future.

A solid read that was beautifully written and wonderfully descriptive. Highly recommended

Topic: WHEN WE TOUCH by Tia Louise

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