Finding Charity by Jody Pardo

It felt a bit odd reading a Christmas themed novella at this time of the year but that is where the negatives end for me, because this was everything you could possibly want for a story set in the Christmas season.

I don’t say that in a detrimental tone, I say that in as much as the book was short as it broached social and economic issues that are pertinent throughout the year but which tend to play on our consciences more at the festive time, a time that we all hope to spend with the ones we love.

The book tackled the subject of homelessness is a way that I found not only sensitive but also socially poignant.

Jody got stuck in to what I see as a valid topical subject matter and through her characters she stuck to her guns about it. Bravo!

The story at its heart was a romance as you would undoubtedly expect but in just a few pages, the author was able to show a passionate couple, who at first glance would appear to have very little in common but who not only lit the fuse of passion from the minute they met but they kept that flame flickering brightly.

Charity was the woman that Mark’s heart needed to wake it up and warm his soul, to show him that he was more of a man than the world had him pegged to be.

Together they gave me a romance that was fuelled with a passion and that was portrayed with a gentleness in not only words but tone.


Topic: Finding Charity by Jody Pardo

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