Resist Vol 1 by Missy Johnson

I felt like a very lucky lady when I had the opportunity to read this after being gifted a copy from the author, and I must say that having finished it… I now know that I am indeed a very, very lucky lady because if this is volume one then I have high hopes for the subsequent instalments, because this one is brilliant.

Told from both main character’s POV – we are introduced to both Charlotte and Jaxon and they very early on you get the feeling that this pair have more up their sleeves that either of them are ready to divulge. I loved the fact that there was an air of mystery about them both and that they were complicated.

The book barrels along at a fair pace and I found that, that totally worked for me, I ate up the pages and found that I just couldn’t get enough information. I had a number of questions whirring around in my head that I hope somewhere along the line I will find my answers too.

 Jaxon was a fabulous character to read, his musings and dialogue where at times delightful, he made me smile. He has a history that is quite dark but remains very much untold and I am desperate to find out what makes him the man he is!

Charlotte seemed fairly normal in my opinion; she had motive and method and stood by her actions, even if at times as a reader, I found myself raising an eyebrow.  But I liked her.

The story was descriptive and inclusive in every aspect, it was an intense ride and one that I hope to ride the coat tails of for a while to come.

Missy Johnson has brought a peach of a story to us and gave us characters that leave an impression, ones that I have become invested in, even after such a short time and that is not an easy task.

Looking forward to Volume 2