It's In His Smile

by Shelly Alexander


Well if you are looking for something to bring a smile to your face I think you may just have found the book for you.

I haven’t read anything by this author before but that is most definitely mu mistake, I loved this story, it was a proper romance and it was just what the old romantic in me was looking for.

The story isn’t all sweetness and light it has its fair share of angst and attitude but it is liberally interspersed with humour and sensuality.

The author seems perfectly well at home in her production of a quirky and quick witted read, the characters fit perfectly together and the twist and turns that are fed into the plot and a sense of attitude that I had not been expecting.

I am a fool for a second chance love story, so Miranda and Talmadge were always going to find a supporter cheering them on in me.

As much as she has almost stagnated since they parted ways 7 years previously Talmadge was always “the one” for her, the only person that was ever going to suffice …so why bother with the others when you know your heart isn’t in it?

The cruel inferences that have their lives being constantly scrutinised in minute details in what can only be described as the most scurrilous of way was unfortunate but I actually don’t think the two of them would have had it any other way, they had their time and they were determined to make it count regardless of the incessant rumour mill.

I am struggling to find a way to actually put into words the fact that this story is more than worth your time, without giving away any of the storyline because I really want you to read their story for yourself….Please!!!!

Topic: It's In His Smile by Shelly Alexander

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