by L A Casey



This is the continuation of Alec and Keela’s story and it is vital that in order to enjoy it you will have already completed the earlier books in the series because the rest of the Slater’s and their significant others are all present in this book.

Things have galloped along a pace since the end of Alec’s book and not only are the engaged and living together, they are about to become homeowner- well Alec is anyway because he has just bought them a huge house that he has every intension of filling with little Slater’s!

Keela on the other hand, loves her man more than life itself but she is beginning to feel ever so slightly overwhelmed by the enormity of not only the move but also the speed with which her life is galloping along.

Suffering not only from an attack of the jitters, she is also suffering some extremely vivid nightmares as a result of the events that took place at the end of Alec’s story. But is this all because of the fact that she is really uncertain of everything that is going on, is her mind being unsettled, the reason for her feeling so out of sorts.

Determined to not let Alec call all the shots she is certain that before she becomes just an appendage of the enigmatic Alec Slater, she will stand on her own two feet and make a name for herself.

But Alec has an agenda of his own, one that gets waylaid during the course of what turns out to be one of the strangest moving days you will ever read about. They reverie with which he regards Keela is just beautiful, he really loves this woman and is prepared to go to any lengths to make sure she knows it.

This saucy little novella has it all laughter, tears, thrills and spills and not to forget the Slater boys – Alec especially because I think that haircut or not he is my favourite!

The ending is just perfect and I can’t wait to get Kane’s book next!

Oh and by the way – the pitter patter of little slater feet couple be about to set the cat amongst the formidable Slater clan- yummy!!!! But which one is about to be the Daddy???