Waylaid by Ruth J Hartman

Sometimes, life knows just what you need and it goes about seeing that you get it.

I settled down to read Waylaid without much idea of what the story was about and I have to say it was a sharp yet sweet romance.

Addy and Graham have lovely characters, the sort that are easy to fall in love with and to keep your fingers crossed that everything they wish for their futures comes true.

Addy is three years younger than Graham and has her heart set on being Vet, college beckons and she is certain that she knows how her future will pan out. That is until she meets Graham because this guy knocks the wind from her sails.

Graham is just plain old charm personified – having had his fingers burnt once in the love department he is in no hurry to step back into the frame again but with Addy, he has a pull that he cannot fight – she quickly becomes his focus.

I loved Graham this guy was such a gent, he genuinely cared and was prepared to do whatever it took to get his woman. He showed her respect and gave credence to the fact that the old adage - work hard, play hard doesn’t always mean that all the fun has to be found between the sheets. He waited for his woman and that was a breath of fresh air in the genre.

Addy was delightful, naive but strong willed but I have to say that when she pushed me to the edge of my seat when she left for college, I was yelling at my kindle – I mean how she could leave him behind!!

The secondary characters were strong, some more so than others and some not in a particularly positive way but those are the hallmarks of a well-rounded story – you get both the good (Graham and Addy) and the bad (Ali and Amber).

Overall a good read, a healthy dose of honest clean romance with a hint of the “what if’s” about it but a whole heap of the feel good factor – thoroughly enjoyable!!!