Grand Slam

by Heidi McLaughlin

I didn’t want to rush this, I thought I would leave it on my kindle until the weekend and read it through at a leisurely pace with no distractions…WRONG!

Once I caught a glimpse of that cover…totally done for and from the minute I picked the book up it would have taken an army to prize it from my sweaty mitts, this was a one sitter and I loved every minute of it.

The story is all about Travis Kidd and Saylor, his nemesis almost, the woman that slipped through his fingers but that he cannot wait to get his hands on again, but leaving his date to follow Saylor out of the bar isn’t his smartest move because that one action leaves him in a whole heap of trouble and this is the sort that is going to take a flurry of the legal kind to sort out…that grated on me, I mean what sort of woman does that!

Anyway wheels are set in motion to rectify the solution and Saylor plays her part, she does what she can to help but he wants more than just her consideration for his current situation, he wants her…but will he get her?

I found the connection between them was captivating, I was drawn in to their issues and I have to say that the author left nothing in the tank, this pair laid it all out and don’t be surprised if you are reaching for the tissues!

Fabulous book. Highly recommended!

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