One Night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas


One Night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas

“M” – Oh where to start – you are no Jesse Ward, that’s for certain – but can you stem the tide of comparisons – Yes, I think you probably can but will you win over the worshippers of the “Lord of the Manor”, well that remains to be seen because in the case of choosing between Jesse and M- it is like a mother being asked to select which one of her children she likes best – impossible!

This the much anticipated first book in the new trilogy from the magnificent Jodi Ellen Malpas has left me in a bit of a quandary.

I loved the This Man trilogy but that aside, can honestly say that I went into reading this with open eyes and absolutely no expectations – I wanted style over substance and I can honestly attest to the fact that One Night Promise is a master class in style, so Jodi delivered, what is likely to be another best seller and rightly so.

I enjoyed the story that unfolded between  Livy and M and I found that rather than my attention being gripped by every word, it felt as if the words held my hand and gently lead me through each page, allowing me to look inside what at times, were intensely private moments.

The plot line that came to fruition at the end – was one that I found myself having considering as being a possibility early on. It was not a foregone conclusion but the subtle inferences definitely give an indication that this intriguing plot may be heading that way.

The story has plenty going for it – it is beautifully written, heart- breaking,  emotionally adept and at times very funny– it has some exceptional characters and a story that hints at being powerful, but in this the first book - stops just ever so slightly short. I am hoping that this is to allow for the continued accumulation of the storyline in the second novel.

The emotion portrayed in M is staggering – he oozes charm and sophistication yet, his idiosyncrasies will have you holding out your arms to hug him – I can see why that would be his “thing”.

Livy is nothing at all like I had imagined – she is strong and resolute and she has a lot going for her – no matter the situation, she refuses to sit back and just take it. She comes back fighting – hiding her pain and sticking two fingers up at the world – there is no keeping a good woman down and I believe that Livy is a good woman.

I liked Livy, a lot – namely because she has a past – one that she has tried hard to come to terms with – one that she shares with M and one that could ultimately tear them apart.

M is …… suave, sophisticated, charming and very, very sexy but he is emotionally aloof in many ways. His mood changes are lightning quick, he can be tender, loving and thoughtful one second and detached and cold the next – what happened to make him that way? – I hope that with the continuation of the trilogy – we can get to see what lies beneath this sensitive, damaged man.

As with Jodi’s previous works – her secondary characters are brilliant – Greg – well,what can I say – every girl should have a Greg in her life! And as for Nan and George – they are delightful.

As the first part in the trilogy – One Night Promised lays the ground work for the books that are to follow and it truly covers all the bases.

Fans of the Author will devour this story and M will garner a following that he deserves because this man, has a past (yet to be revealed) that I just want to protect him from and a future that I want to hand to him and Livy on a plate!

Rating 4 .5 out of 5