What the Luck by KB Winters

Millionaire Dylan is flying solo on a much need holiday. That is not to say that he is delighted about being forced to take time out of the office, but when his mother put her foot firmly down, he packed his ass up and checked into the most spectacular room in the most exclusive resort he could find.

Now Dylan is a high maintenance man in many respects, he has needs and expectations that he definitely needs and expects to be met and that means that he likes to dally on the wilder side of the spectrum, no stranger to a ménage or two.

But his tastes are shifting and he has resolved that he needs to find himself a woman, note I said “a” woman, just the one – hallelujah!!!

But he hits a snags in the plan when the object of his obsession the delightful Ellie, refuses to get with his program and despite every effort and believe me has pulls out all the stops, she is having none of either it or him.

Thrust together when she accidentally bumps into him and spills her drink, she is more than apologetic but she is far from ready to be swept of her feet. Dylan tries so hard but it isn’t until she really to meet him for dinner( in his suite no less)  that he finally gets to spend some one on one time with her , but is he going to get what he wants or will this elusive girl slip through his fingers?

Ellie is a clever girl, enjoying her winnings!

She won her break at the resort, although she has no idea how? But heck it’s free so why not!

So packing up her BFF Dixie, she has sacked off her studies at Georgetown for the week – political science can wait.

The chemistry between Dylan and Ellie is combustible but Ellie like the vast majority of women in the world is far from comfortable in her own skin, she has all the right curves in all the right places but the much touted stick thin image is never far nowadays and because of this, Ellie hides her luscious curves – which is just a waste!

I liked the book, I liked the characters and I liked the fact that Ellie was normal – but I didn’t like the fact that her body image was such a big deal. I understand body insecurities but she dwelt on them a little too long for my liking, I only hope that this is swept aside in the next book.