When Autumn Ends

by Beth Rinyu

I finished this and immediately felt as if I had lost an important part of my day, I felt spent, the time I had spent with the story and the characters had been so integral to the last day or so that I was almost bereft at the fact that our time was up.
There was so much to this story that it doesn’t fall neatly into any one specific category because while it had more than enough romance going on, it was the mystery that totally won me over and I think that was because it was so unexpected.
I thought the story was complete consuming, I felt enveloped by the detail and totally blown away by the depth that the author was prepared to plough into both them and their situation. There were twists and turns that I hadn’t anticipated and quite frankly didn’t have a hope in h**l of ever seeing coming, but I loved that element of surprise, it brought the pages to life.
I wondered where the connection between Ethan and Jenna was going to go and I must say that I think only a woman like Jenna would ever have been able to deal with the tragic past that Ethan carried within. I will admit that initially, he wasn’t an easy character to get my head around but I couldn’t help but get drawn to him and secretly had my fingers crossed that his darkness was something that he would be able to finally find his way out of. But could he? And if he could just how much of a part would Jenna play in it all, after all, she had enough hassle of her own going one with her family and their reluctance to see why she wants to take on her Aunt and Uncles B&B.
 This is nothing and I do mean NOTHING short of sensational!

Topic: When Autumn Ends by Beth Rinyu

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