Holding Huck's Heart

by S M Donaldson


This series just keeps on getting better and better!!!

I have to keep this short and sweet because to be honest I think if I start I don’t think I will be able to stop and I really, really want you to read Huck and Chelsea’s story.

Huck has had more women that most guys have had hot dinners but that is the way he likes it. But put the one that got away in front of him again and he is definitely winded and all without a punch having been thrown.

Chelsea is back to help care for her mom, she never thought or perhaps she just didn’t want to consider that she would ever face Huck again, the boy (now man) that meant everything to her and still does.

But with a loose cannon ex to deal with, dealing with Huck may just be taking on more than she can handle at the minute. So she tries to plicate him when he confronts her about her activities.

But will he accept her explanation? Will he be able to save her not only from her demons but herself?

Topic: Holding Huck's Heart by S M Donaldson

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