by Shyla Colt


Life has been far from kind to Enzo, or at least the start of it was. Abandoned to the Foster care system by a mother that was ill equipped to deal with herself, let alone what it took to be a parent. The system left him jaded but far from broken, although his demons are never too far away, he lives with the effects of his childhood every day and no matter the support and love he has received from those around him, the influence those events have had still plague him, they resonate and while in some respects they have almost forged a will of steel and a determination to not only succeed but to do so his own way, in other respects they have seen him allow his happiness to almost pass him by.

But one thing he has made good on is that determination, owning and running Jinx tattoo shop with his brothers. He is own man but he is still alone. No woman has ever made it through those thick walls. No-one has ever been able get through to him, to breach the heart that he protects at all cost…well I say nobody but of course there has always been Aibhlinn, the woman that he simple adores but foolishly believes he doesn’t deserve.

Aishling is his best friend but they both secretly want more but are afraid that reaching out to get that more may cost them the slither of each other that they have at the moment, afraid to lose each other they are almost dancing around the situation. But can Enzo stop fighting the past and start fighting for the woman that just might be his future. I really hope so.

I loved that Aibhlinn was strong enough to wait it out for Enzo but I also understood her frustration. She stood on the side-lines and watched as he would make his way through women like a duck through water but he never touched her…until one night everything changed…but would it be for the better or would the aftermath be too much for them to take?

Aibhlinn was resolute in her demand that she was done waiting, the ball was well and truly in Enzo’s court, it was just a case of was he willing to play on and fight for his woman or was he ready to pick it up and head home alone?

Their path wasn’t easy and they have a momentous decision to make along the way that will shape not only them but their future, can they survive and thrive, well I had everything crossed for them all.

Overall I think I would say this was a great read, there were holes in some of the character’s pasts that I would have liked filled in a little the gaps had me distracted as I made up my own scenario and believe me left to my own devices my imagination can be lethal.

I am looking forward to the next in the series as I think the brothers will have a tale or two to tell. A well written story that covered all the bases and did so with absolute aplomb. Just enough angst and drama and a whole heap of heat!

Topic: Enzo by Shyla Colt

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