Numb by Xavier Neal

Logan Kellar is my new main man in the ring and out of it he is pretty damn special too.

If you haven’t read Deaf and Blind then I suggest you give them a shot first because you really need to be up to speed on the whole relationship between Maxx and Logan before any of what happens in this book is going to make any sense to you at all.

Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed on many occasions, Logan is a special man because despite his cruel and desperate childhood, he has his sanity and he has the love of his best friend Maxx.

She has stood by him since he first climbed in her window to hide from the beatings his father dished out and she is still beside him now and after everything they have been through and the unrequited feelings that they both have… could they possibly have a shot at being together – well I hope so!

It may appear that sex is all that Logan has on his mind but there is more going on in there than both we and Maxx give him credit for.

He may not be the most overtly romantic man on the planet but he loves her, he just hasn’t had a chance to tell her.. but when his words are unleashed OMG!!!!!

Together they are pulsating and apart they are soul destroying, they made me laugh, they made me cry but holy shit Xavier Neal you wrote one of the best monologues I have ever read when you gave Logan his chance to tell Maxx what was in his head and his heart, you gave him a chance to speak when you penned the perfection below and you broke me in the process… I was a blubbering mess, and am crying again now reading it again.. sadist!


“Maxx… you are my entire life.

My first thought in the morning is you.

It doesn’t matter is I’m alone or have some chick in my bed, my day begins and ends with you.

It always has, and hell it probably always will.

I live my entire life for you.

I breathe for you Maxx.

I take another breath so that you never have to go a day without me.

So that I can protect you.

So that I can make you smile.

So that you never have to live this life alone.

I couldn’t give a fuck what happens to me.

I could die tomorrow and the only reason I would object would be because you wouldn’t have me.

Because you wouldn’t have me to hold you through thunderstorms.

Because you wouldn’t have me to run my fingers through your hair when memories of your dad come back out of the blue and become too much.

Because you wouldn’t have me to make sure that nothing bad breaks you.

I live and breathe for you, Maxx”


Dear God, I love this man!!!

This series is brilliant and keeps getting better, the writing style is nothing short of absolute genius, it is so entertaining and real, I feel like I am sitting in their story with them talking it through and I bloody love it!!!