Until December

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

The was a whole lot to like about this book and rightly so it was well written and well-paced but when it came to finding something to love about it…well that was easy, I liked the fact that the author gave the characters time.

I know that may sound strange, but I was thrilled that she didn’t rush them into anything too quickly, after all, neither of them came squeaky clean, they both had their own pasts and their own issues that they had to deal with, so being together was never going to be a head over heels job.

December isn’t a people person so to speak, she is happy in her own skin and moreover, very happy in her won company but she is trying to be more outgoing, but it is far from easy.

Gareth has kids, they may be grown up, but they are still his kids and with those come an ex that really should be kept at arm’s length. I know he tries but the drama that parenthood brings to a new relationship is only exacerbated when there are previous spouses added into the mix.

The connection between them wasn’t exactly instantiations and that was fabulous, they had they ups and downs as they started to get to know each other and by the time they had worked out that being together was actually worth a shot I was totally on board with the pair of them. Their banter was infectious and once their relationship was in full swing there was lightness about the pair of them that meant their journey was fun to read.

Of course, three is a little angst with the ex but December was more than a match, she saw through the trouble she was trying to stir and the pair of them navigated the pitfalls together. This was a young woman that may not have known it before, but she had fallen no0t only for Gareth but his kids, she was willing to protect the family she didn’t know she needed once she had it…they were hers too and that was lovely.

There were some super sweet moments between December and the boys, and some emotional highlights that I real hope you can pick out for yourself


Topic: Until December by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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