Unspoken Temptation

by Gabbie S. Duran


Never judge a book by its cover – or so the saying goes and no I am not talking about the actual cover of this book, I refer of course to the contents.

Victoria and Trey are as far apart as you could possibly imagine – or are they?

Because when you get down to the real bones of who they are, they are much more than initially you would have considered.  

It is their backgrounds that set them apart – what they were and where they came from but those factors do not make you the person you are, it is the fight in you to break free from expectations and demands that show exactly what you are made of.

Victoria was from a family that was as straight laced as you could have possible imagined – they may have had money and power but they had little clue on the needs of their daughter and didn’t seem to be concerned either. But when the final straw came she packed her bags and left – ready and willing to stand alone, living, learning and loving to the beat of her own drum.

Trey is leading a life much as Victoria is , he is very much singing from his own hymn sheet -doing his own thing.

Second time their paths cross, the two of them have a decision to make- should they pick up on the chemistry that is so obviously there or is it a case of once bitten twice shy.

Well what do you think?

There is no way they couldn’t relight that particular flame – because if truth be known it never truly burnt out.

Now – I had issues with Victoria, she really just needed to stick to the plan – she was so flighty and indecisive that at times she really grated on me but then again Trey wasn’t all sweetness and light, he had dibs on being a bit of an ass at times. 

But what I couldn’t fault was the fact was his commitment to Victoria. He was willing to protect her from whatever and whoever – including herself!

The connection and chemistry between the pair of them was smoking hot and the author completely brought their character and spirit to life with what I can only say was completely endearing and at times chuckle-worthy dialogue. I think that this was helped in part by the fact that the story is told from both points of view.