Knot by M Mabie

Well M Mabie does it again, she battered me!

Emotionally devastating, I have no words!

I couldn’t get through this story fast enough, every page had me holding my breath, frightened of what was coming next knowing full well that I was heading for heartache.

The story lilted back and forth, I went from the depth of despair to consummate happiness, it was a journey that was very difficult to call because the whole way through the author played her cards very close to her chest,

I couldn’t see where Nora and Reagan were going to find their middle ground, after all she was his complete opposite. While he craved, no demanded absolute control, she had little if any need for it. She lived her life as a completely free spirit or at least she had until Reagan.

But it was Reagan that had the most to give in my opinion and that was because I think he had the most to gain. While she fought his desire to control her and in many respects she won, she also dealt him a double whammy because when he was with her he couldn’t barely control himself and I think that took him by surprise.

What took me completely by surprise was the fact that the two of them were so perfect together I didn’t see how it could work but I knew that once they found their way it was only ever heading one direction.

I think these are probably some of the most authentic characters I have read from this author, she totally brought them to life, she gave their characters the opportunity to shine and she did it all with what I can only describe as a devilish nod to my woe. I was counting the pages, desperately hoping that things would go the way I had envisaged but no Ms Mabie toyed with my emotions and brought me an ending that I not only didn’t want to but would never have been able to foresee.

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