Inevitable by C A Harms

Easton has had a hankering for his friend Jett’s firecracker of a sister for so long but he hasn’t ever taken the step needed – somethings are just not worth muddying the waters but then again, when an opportunity presents itself the potential to get his hands on her is just too tempting.

Harper is a bruiser, she doesn’t suffer fools and holds nothing back and I have to say in that respect I actually quite liked her but as smart as she thinks she is it doesn’t stop her getting the wool pulled over her eyes by her latest bedfellow – Ian. She doesn’t expect much really but what she gets is disappointing to say the least –and that actually is being kind, the man was a weasel.

While she was trying to keep things within the boundary that she was happy with, it was fairly obvious to her brother Jett and Easton that there was more to Ian that he was letting on, so what’s a brother and a man with an ulterior motive to do – well they go digging of course!!!

When it all comes to light I have to say I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Harper tried to take the moral high ground, really!!, he is her brother of course he was going to investigate his suspicions. But Easton’s reaction was just hysterical – the vitriol she aimed at him had him more than a little hot under the collar! He made me smile.

Easton was a great character, he had his businesses to run, and was dealing with all that entailed on, top of the fact that he had just lost his father, but his desire for the angry, feisty  Harper was something that he was not prepared to leave on the back burner any longer … so his pursuit was underway!

So could they find their way, well they were giving it a good go but of course it wasn’t going to be all smooth sailing, there is a certain someone close to the pair that has plans that threaten to spoil what they have before they even really get things off the ground.

Sarah has her claws into Easton, well his mind anyway he has him twisted with all manner of uncertainty, he really doesn’t know what to do but he needs to have faith in what he has with Harper because the two of them just seem to take what is put before them and find a way to overcome the hurdles. They both have to look back at their pasts and as is often the case they have to lay the ghosts of their past to bed in order to move on with a clean slate.

I loved this pair, they really were a couple that really had me rooting for them.

I wanted what they did, I wanted them to find a happy ever after and I was damn well sure that I wanted Harper to knock Sarah flat on her butt!!!

I also loved the fact that I have a slew of other characters that appear through the book that I need to hear more about!

CA Harms is an author that is fast becoming a firm favourite!!!