By Heidi McLaughlin

Harrison James was my favourite of the guys from the Beaumont series, he has a heart that just oozed authenticity and as the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree because e Quinn James is every bit his father’s son and for me that meant that I was ready to fall in love all over again.

Quinn likes the quiet life, pottering on the fringes of the music world, singing on open mike nights and generally keeping himself to himself, he doesn’t even date much, it’s too much hassle keeping a family like his under wraps so he doesn’t bother, mind you other than his Dad, Katelyn and the twins there are a lot more famous faces in his support network than most mortal women could cope with anyway. After all the rest of the band are hardly the shy retiring type.

Eleanora (aka Nola) has just graduated college and is being railroaded by her southern family into returning home and settling down with the guy they’ve picked out for her…shame he doesn’t know or care about the fact that he seems to find monogamy impossible!

Desperate to delay the inevitable, Nola heads to California on one last hurrah, a bit of freedom before heading home, and it is while she is there she finds not only herself but also Quinn, and the spark between them is instantaneous

Of course, it is never all plain sailing with this author and she gives the two of them more than enough to deal with, happiness by the bucket load, tempered with a level of pain that was excruciating. When it all goes belly up for this pair the results are cataclysmic.

But can they find a way back, well for most of the story it would appear not so I was a little concerned as to how the author would give me the happy ending that I was prepared to demand for him…

I know we will get more of them in future books but I missed an epilogue, a sneaky glimpse a little further down the line.

A fabulous book that I am ready to read all over again!


Topic: CHASING MY FOREVER By Heidi McLaughlin

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