Knights of Sin MC Series - Books 1-5

by Erin Trejo

Never Letting go – Knights of Sin MC #1

As you would expect I kicked off the Knights of Sin MC series at the very beginning with Micah in the saddle so to speak.

Micah may have been friends with Benny, but it was Benny’s sister Aubrie that caught his eye and that he spent his time with. There was an undercurrent of animosity that ran between Aubrie and Benny that I couldn’t really get a handle on, I got that he laid the blame for the death of their parents squarely at her door, but I just couldn’t get to grips with his refusal to let it lie. Anyway, he wasn’t the most important thing in the story, it was the connection between Micah and Aubrie that was or at least I thought so until e decided that he deserved someone better than him…honestly, I could have slapped him upside the head for that little stunt!

He may have believed that he was doing her a favour by cutting her loose, but nothing could have been further from the truth because she loved him, with everything she had he was the centre of her world and cutting her out of his was painful. I understood why she upped sticks and started again as far away as she could.

But life doesn’t play fair, especially where there is unfinished business, but it was always going to take something huge to bring this pair back together again and despite the fact that she had suffered tragedy, she had also forged a life for herself, so when Micah rocks up on her doorstep a decade later she a decade later, she knew that whatever he had to say was not going to be good…and she was right.

The time apart had done nothing to dull the flame that flickered between the two of them and having her back at the club was always going to push Micah to his limit, but would it push his closer to her or would he keep his distance.

I was hoping that the two of them would find a way to make things work, they were stubborn yes, but they were made for each other.

The story was fast, fluid and full to the brim with great characters.


Learning to Love - Knights of Sin MC #2

Hot on the heels of book one cane the deliciousness that is Bullet, I thought the author was cleverly creative with the setting of this book. She took a setting that I would have never thought of and forged a relationship from absolutely nothing, the mere sound of a voice.

Both Bullet and Trinity are in their own personal hell, being held captive and painfully both facing their own individual forms of torture on an almost daily basis.

But from adversity the strongest bonds are formed and while Bullet is the best friend and fellow comrade of Micah, Trinity is the daughter of a man that couldn’t give a damn as to whether she lived or died. She has been nothing more than an appendage for him, a tool as bargaining chip and having been taken, he isn’t about to lose any sleep over her plight but luckily for her Bullet wasn’t in the same boat…he mattered to his friends and his brothers within the MC.

Every day the only thing that kept Bullet going was the fact that she was in the next cell, that he could talk, albeit quietly and when they could they could exchange the most miniscule of contact through a pitiful hole in the wall.

They vowed to keep each other going and it was that dogged determination that ensured that they had the fight in them to make it through.

I loved the fact that Trinity could see Bullet for the guy he really was even though she couldn’t actually see him, and when they got their opportunity to be together what they had begun in their dank cells could see the light and hopefully find its feet and flourish…or would reality step up to the plate and keep them apart?

This was about overcoming hardship, pain and desperation. And it was far from easy!


Fighting for a Chance - Knights of Sin MC #3

Well this was a turn up for the books…there was certainly a lot to get hot a steamy about in this book!!

Laura’s past is where she wants it to be…behind her but it has no plans to let her out of it grasp just yet but knowing what she is trying to escape and being able to actually shake it off ate two completely different things, so when the magnificence that is Dax showed up in her life she was virtually powerless to stay away.

Dax was an out and out Alpha male, a true ladies man and he made no bones about it, but he was also as charming as he was brash. So, when Laura is facing her demon’s it was no surprise that all of his joking went by the by and his possessive streak came out to play!

This was a man not to be crossed!

I loved the fact that they brought out the best in each other in the most unconventional of ways, they were enthusiastically sarcastic but the tone behind their b**ching was never harsh, it was tongue in cheek and well anywhere else he could get it in Dax’s case!

This tackled some very dark situations and it did so with the reverence that they deserved, it also had some impossibly funny moments that I couldn’t help but chuckle at. I loved the fact that the author gave the pair of them all the tools they needed to find their own way to happiness. She didn’t make it easy on them but then life isn’t easy and that helped to qualify some of the more emotional sections of the book…this was real, and it was totally worth it!


Keeping Faith – Knights of Sin MC #4

Well, I had no idea just how good this series was going to be when I set out on this read but darn it, each book just gets better and better.

Emotionally this was an absolute roller-coaster.

Kane and Ivy have both harboured feelings towards each other since they were kids but neither of them willing o make a move…but now they are all grown… and as the saying goes all bets are off!

There is nothing straight forward about this read, the characters are complex and the connection one that takes more work than it probably should. But that is because there are events that have taken place that have left tehri mark on them both.

I thought the author was able to address another highly emotive subject with total sensitivity and to show that life can move on.

There is more angst than I anticipated but that is probably more me than anything else.

Absolutely fantastic read…another in a growing list of belters by Erin Trejo!


One More Try – Knights of Sin #5

I don’t know that I can say much more than PLEASE read this series.

Of all of the books so far, I would have to say that this was the most difficult for me to read, I wasn’t actually sure that I was going to like either Bash or Shannon. They both had a side to their personalities that almost held me at arm’s length but as the story unfolded the reason why they were the way they were began to thaw my hesitation, and once I fully understood the darkness that shrouded them, especially Shannon I could see them with a fresh perspective.

They had the most fabulous love hate relationship that was only ever destined to go one way but that they were determined to fight against with everything they had.

I do love it when love wins out!

Again, a superb addition to the series, be prepared form a little more sizzle between the sheets from the pair of them but I am sure that won’t be a problem!