Brownie Points

by Kelly Collins


Now I loved the first book in this series, so set about this one with great enthusiasm. I have to say that it was different and that was a good thing.

This book is Emma and Anthony’s story and while it is almost as romantic as the first book, it had so much more in the way of angst and it was off the charts hot!!

Anthony is a powerful man, in all aspects of his life not only the bedroom. He sets his mind to something and makes sure that he gets it this time his scope is well and truly set on Emma. Good news for him is that Emma is just as interested.

The past holds her back in many respects but she is trying to find a way to free herself from the shackles of her issues.

Anthony oversteps the mark in his attempt to help her heel and it pushes Emma away, fear grips him when he realises that his actions mean that he may just have lost her for good.

But Emma surprises herself in many respects when she turns a corner following Anthony’s error, she finally takes the initiative and starts to actually deal with things. Owning her life and deciding to make her own decisions for the right reasons and with one goal in mind – Anthony! She can’t manage it all on her own, so she is helped on her quest by Kat and Roxy and I loved the relationship that they had with her and the support that they were willing to offer.

Once again I have to say that this author handles the story with the deftest of touches, with a complete regard for the feeling of the characters. She lays forth the words and allows you the colour palette in order that you can colour the story yourself, it si a very clever trick and one that I completely love!