by JD Hawkins

Be ready to crumple, had I not been tucked up in my favourite chair I think my knees would have given way beneath me, Owen and a certain side of his personality set my heart a quiver, along with other bits that I daren’t mention!

Margo and Owen have been friends since they were in college, and that has been absolutely nothing more than friendship up until now but what if that friendship is no longer enough and there is a stirring of needing something more?

Owen knew that stepping over that line was probably not a bright idea but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t willing to give it a try, it was blatantly obvious how he felt about Margo, I just wondered whether she was willing to see what was before her eyes because while she has had her fair share of suitors in the past, her love life at the moment isn’t exactly anything to write home about…a bit of a lull in proceeding I thing may adequately describe it.

But in her heart all she really wants in a to have a career that will fulfil her desire to write and a partner that will love her unconditionally. This is a woman that wants love, with all the bells and whistles and didn’t seem to be having much luck finding it so perhaps working with Owen wasn’t such a bad idea after all, the only thing I had traipsing around my head was “just you wait”, I was hoping that she would finally see what was staring her in the face… her colleague, her best friend and a man that wanted to be her man, Owen was totally smitten. But was it love?

Owen was a funny guy, living life to the full and enjoying every minute of it and unlike Margo, he isn’t shy in the bedroom partners stakes but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t looking for more, and the way he feels about Margo, well that was a cork that was ready to pop given half a chance. But Owen knew that building anything with Margo was going to have to be a slow and steady task, they had been friends for years, it wasn’t as if they didn’t know what made each other tick. I wanted it to be all bells and whistles but instead the author presented me with a story that was a real builder, it was like Lego, together just like with the little bricks, they pieced all the little bits together to make something magnificent…they created an “them”.

Of course it isn’t exactly all smooth sailing, I mean they are both still tied up in the online dating situation and that was a far from easy situation but what doesn’t break you makes you stronger and that was very much the case for this pair, they saw the bigger picture, eventually and I liked that.

A delightful read that highlighted many aspects of life and what is important, the joy shone through the storyline, it was heartfelt and brazen, it revelled in the possibilities and delighted in bringing their story to life, superbly written and engagingly vigorous, this was a five star read every single day of the week, loved it!

Topic: Unprofessional by JD Hawkins

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