A Thousand Letters

by Staci Hart

Distractingly beautiful, this was a story that will linger in my mind for a while to come. I think the author brought a lot to the story but while sometimes the weight of the detail can distract, I thought this was something that cast itself around me like a duvet, I felt enveloped by not only the story but the characters.

Wade and Elliot had been the epitome of young and in love, they futures laid out before them and with high hopes that everything they wanted was within their grasp…if only they knew that life was far from that easy! But now that they are back in each other’s vicinity, their path is about to take a course that they never thought possible.

Wade is back in town and facing Elliot is something he isn’t exactly looking forward too but as hard as it might be for him, Elliot too is feeling the strain of being around the guy that refused to respond to every attempt she made, every letter she wrote when they went their separate ways all those years ago. He may feel that she broke his heart but she knows that his ambivalence decimated hers.

They are poles apart, separated by the pain that the effects of their parting had on them but can they work past the bruised ego’s or will the hurt put paid to any opportunity they may have towards a reconciliation?

I was completely captivated from the start of the book, I felt a connection with them both and I think I understood the way they both wore their pain, I had my hopes high that they would find a way to resolve their differences but the author made sure that both they and I, was put through the wringer before getting to the end.

Prepare yourself for pain and I think you will find the emotional turmoil a little less intimidating, tissues are essential, especially concerning the events surrounding Wade returning home.

The story was powerful, it wasn’t your standard romance, it showed their tough times, it gave them a chance to reflect but overall for me I think it was the fact that the author gave personality and feeling their time in the spotlight and didn’t just focus on the relationship between Wade and Elliot, it highlighted what they were going through individually and how that impacted the path they were on toward a potential happy ever after.

One not to be missed!

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