Reginal Bones Part One

by Lucian Bane

This wasn’t a read, it was a hostage situation because once I started I just couldn’t stop and in that I, was presented with a problem, leaving the house to do the normal adult type stuff like go to work was almost put on the back burner!

This was like nothing I have ever read before and was written by an author that clearly weald his words with lethal precision. Psychologically this is a good as you are ever going to get, it draws you in and draws out the intensity to the point where I almost forgot to breathe.

The depth of the mystery and intrigue seemed bottomless and I had no idea whether or not it was going to be a tale that I would survive.

Reggie and Bones, are two men who are sharing the same body, well they aren’t as you might well expect, it soon become obvious that this is as clear a case of a split personality as you are ever going to get and by the time the author unravelled all the pieces I just knew that my mind would be officially fried…and I was right!

The conversational spats between Reggie and Bones were some of the best conversational pieces that I have read, I was transported into the room with them and couldn’t help but laugh out loud at much of their sarcastic exchanges.

Now you may think I am missing something or someone at this stage but I haven’t forgotten that Reggie and Bones are not alone in the story, there is also Winter and I have to say that she spoke to me on so many levels. She was a truly tortured soul in many ways, carrying a guilt in her soul that was never hers to bear but that she feels responsible for anyway. The death of her brother Sebastian is something that I got the impression she would never be able to come to terms with but her connection to Reggie and Bones might not be the smartest place to look for it. After all the conflict that a third party would add to that particular duo might just be insurmountable but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to try! But how do you cope when someone like Reggie/Bones is fighting an internal struggle that you may have caused and that is very much the case here because while Reggie loves her …Bones is having absolutely none of it and cannot stand her!

I felt as if I was playing catch up for a portion of this story, the author’s imagination took me to places that my imagination was battling to produce the pictures for, I could clearly picture much of the settings, the descriptions were that good but the intensity and complexity of the situation, the one man, two minds , one woman set up took a little bit longer for me to visualise but the author was off an running on a hair-trigger response and I had to fight my internal battle to make sure I read at the pace the book and the characters dictated and not at the pace my brain was telling me too…this is one story that when my subconscious was yelling at me to slow down, I just couldn’t listen I had to keep going and I am so glad I did, the author paced this, this was for a reason and I my enjoyment is all the better for having make the effort that eth work deserved.

This is a book that you will have to work to read but you should take that as a compliment, the author doesn’t serve everything up for you, all tied up in a pretty bow, you have to look beneath and get the clues, the hints and the meaning.

Brilliantly complex, creative and consuming!!

Topic: Reginal Bones Part One by Lucian Bane

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