We Shouldn't and Yet by Stephanie Witter

I thought I was settling down for a nice quiet afternoon, a good read in my hand, confident in the fact that Stephanie Witter would look after me; that her book would both comfort and cosset me like I thought…not a chance!

Honestly woman big red letters next time, to let me know I am going to be incapacitated the entire afternoon!!!

I sort of thought I knew where this was going to head, so I suppose the level of my surprise is exactly what I deserved because assumption is the mother of all a***ache and I fully deserved to have my a** handed to me on a plate! I felt cold clocked by a belter of a story!!!

So hooking up an older guy with the girl that just happens to be the best friend of the grown up son he just found out about and moreover the girl that his son is interested in is one way to set the cat amongst the pigeons.

I believe age is nothing more than a number and that you cannot dictate who your heart sets its sights on but add the family dynamic into the mix, the father/son relationship and this was going to get dirty in every single sense of the word.

The connection between the two main characters though definitely caught me by surprise it was OFF THE CHARTS HOT!!

They set the page alight but there was more between them than simply what was going on between the sheets so to speak. I liked the fact that they had a connection that went much further than just their physical attraction, they had the makings of something that would go the distance, they just had to avoid the pitfalls to get it off the ground but once they did there really was no looking back.

I think if I had to call my favourite, I would say it was Jensen, there was a solidity about him, an assurance that she was in a safe pair of hands and boy did he know exactly what to do with those hands!!! He absolutely owned his alpha attitude…

One small criticism, the ending seemed to happen a little too quickly for my liking but the epilogue sort of compensated for that a little bit.

Topic: We Shouldn't and Yet by Stephanie Witter

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