Fighting to Stay by S L Ziegler


The cliff hanger at the end of the first book is picked right back up again at the very beginning of this book, so please make sure that you have read the first book.

I got straight on with the story but a few pages in I pulled myself to an abrupt halt and went back a reread the end of book one (not exactly a hardship) and I have to say that gathering my thoughts up like that meant that this book was more intense.

Hadley,  I love the fact that this was her opportunity to shine, her chance to grown into the woman that she needed to be and her chance to let Reed in.

So now I have mentioned the man himself – I can say nothing else about him other than the fact that she is quite simply an amazing man.

Yes he is a bad boy – not a bad thing in my book.

But he is a fighter in and out of the right and out of the right the only thing he is fighting for is Hadley and that is one fight he has no intention of losing.

It wasn’t a smooth journey by any stretch of the imagination but then the book wouldn’t be half as good if it was.

The obstacles they had to work through made them better people, it was relatable and although at times it appeared as if it was almost enough to break them it was just like real life, they had to listen, understand and learn and only by doing so were they able to give me the confidence that what they had was the real deal.

Much like the first book, this book is beautifully constructed, it is wonderfully descriptive and it give up all the answers that I was looking for.

Topic: Fighting to Stay by S L Ziegler

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