Riot House

by Callie Hart

When it comes to writing a dark romance there are few that can captivate like Callie Hart, she brings her very own twist of creative craziness to the fore and from early I would defy many to find it easy on actually find the fortitude to put not only this but any of her books down.
Riot House bore testament to this and was glued to my hand from start to finish.
Wren and Elodie were a fascinating couple, they were so engagingly complicated that it was addictive. I was left taking a sharp intake of breath on a number of occasions, not only because of the complexity of the storyline but moreover the fact that as the story unfolded I couldn’t help but be totally smitten by Wren…he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea I could clearly see but he evolved and when he did he was totally swoon-worthy.
Elodie didn’t lag behind as the story grew, she evolved and despite the pain of her past she showed her true colours …she had survived her past and stood tall as a strong woman who was more than a match for what the world had thrown at her.
I loved the chemistry between the two of them, the connection wasn’t calculated it was an evolution, they both had their demons, they had their issues but they both refused to be defined by the trauma they had both survived…their lives had more meaning than they had previously acknowledged or indeed experienced but that didn’t mean that it was going to be easy, far from it they had a love to earn and Ms. Hart was going to make sure that they earnt every second of their time together…and in turn so was I.
With too many accolades to mention this was a great shake from my lockdown funk and it rattled me to my core. Yes, it was Dark, Yes, it was Raw, Yes it had me reading through my fingers at times with trepidation but it also made my heart race with anticipation, it had more jaw-dropping twists and turns that I though humanly possible.
This is exceptional and one not to be missed.

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