Man of Honor by Sarah O'Rourke

I want to live in Paradise!!!

Honor has been through more than any one woman should have ever had to endure and she is still feeling the effects of trauma inflicted on her when she was just a kid, her teenager years were not the happy time one would have hoped for.

Zeke on the other hand might be the town sheriff now but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t recall with horror and sadness the things that have happened in the past. He has always cared for Honor and her pain has tormented him too, but he cares deeply for her and perhaps now is their time?

I wanted her to find her happy ever after but first of all I wanted her to find herself, her reason to be happy with the wonderful woman that she was, not because anyone else needed her to be happy but because she needed her heart to heal.

Would Zeke be the man to show her what it was like to be the subject of complete adoration, would she see that his love was completely unconditional?

The journey they had to undertake to reach a future that they had not only earnt but deserved was torturous at times but it was a means to and end and nothing worth having is ever easy.

I liked the fact that they both had an opportunity to tell us, the reader from their own perspectives how not only what happened but what was still happening had and continued to drive them and fro Zeke I really believe that he was a driven man, he wanted Honor and he was willing to wait for her to get on the same page.

Honor may have taken a little longer and been more reticent that I would have hoped but I could have let out a huge holler when she eventually realised the direction she needed to take.

This might have been the final book in the series but what a way to bow out!!!

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