Furious Rush by SC Stephens

Why is it that the one person you really shouldn’t want is the one person you just don’t want to be without!

The book started off with the thrill of the illegal, the adrenaline of the street race, an impromptu glance of the hot racer who always wins and the good girl who is out of her depth and while I thought I was going to get swept away in the rush that, all of that would bring to the story it was just a fleeting glance because the street soon turned mainstream and life soon became complicated.

Mackenzie Cox is doing everything she can to forge her career on two wheels, to following in her illustrious father’s footsteps. But that is not all, in the cutthroat business of team racing, the weight of expectation had fallen heavy on her shoulders and she needs to win to keep the team viable.

But that task is far from easy because her father has a long standing feud with a fellow team mate and friend that continues to throw obstacles in her way. They may still have to share a track but their teams are strictly forbidden to interact in any way but when Mackenzie catches sight of the latest addition to the Benneti Motorsport team, that may not be as simple as she would like.

Because Kenzi had seen the rider before, when he lit up the street track!

I felt for both Kenzi and Hayden, their hands tied by historic hatred and unfettered rage between their bosses, Kenzi’s father certainly knows how to hold a grudge! I thought he tried to be supportive of her but I felt it was all at a cost and in my opinion I thought it was costing them more than any father daughter relationship should ever have to deal with. She seemed to put him before herself and I didn’t get how she ever thought she would be able to keep him happy. His focus was too narrow and I sort of felt he lost sight of the fact that she wasn’t just any rider out there busting her butt for his team, she was his little girl and she was trying her best but for him it often seemed as if it wasn’t good enough…I think I am saying that I didn’t like her dad really!

Hayden, oh was a complicated man. He pushed every single button that Kenzi had and he da*n well knew what he was doing but it worked both ways because no matter the consequences neither of them were unable to put a stop to the attraction between them. They knew what they had to lose, both of them, but they pushed each other to be better and I really thought they could have what it would take to make it, if the restrictions on them were lifted …. was I right?

Well you will have to read it to find out.

Hayden is willing to push the boundaries to ensure that he is able to fulfil the obligations that he has set for himself, to help his friend with her situation and to support her as she deals with her daughter’s medical issues. And using the contacts that Hayden has, Kenzi sets out to almost follow suit, to forge forward in her own quest to financially save the team when her father indicates that he is pulling the plug.

The two of them were great together, they rubbed each other up the wrong way but in the end there was only every going to be one outcome. I loved the subterfuge, Hayden turning up late hat her house, hiding his bike in her garage, picking locks at eth track all so nobody could see that they were spending time together…. but when it all comes out and he discovers that she has been keeping company with Hayden, will he follow through with his threat to discredit her?

And when the Bennetti team’s new rider is announced, I think someone has just lit the touch paper of a whole box of fireworks because what is to come is likely to be explosive.

Over all I think as the first in a series, this did what it was supposed to do it set the groundwork, it gave us characters that were could both love and loathe and it built the mystery and suspicion. The insinuations that Hayden had been messing with bikes, trying to rig the races and the resulting disclosure of who exactly had been involved, I think has set up a line of retribution for the next novel.

In true SC Stephens style, the story was descriptive and direct, it left little open for discussion, as she made sure that as a reader I was equipped with all the fact, I think the book make me think more than feel, it made me question the relationship between Kenzi and her father and also how far I would be willing to go to save those that I truly cared for.

Kenzi and Hayden were a fun couple, they had a lot to contend with but I think they did the best with the hand they had been dealt but would that continue to be the case?

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