Again by Elizabeth Reyes

When this book hit my kindle, I did the only thing I could – started with book 1 and read the whole series and I am so pleased that I did, I had forgotten just how much I loved these guys!

Sydney has been around from the very beginning – Angel’s wife Sophie and Sydney have been friends forever, a little too close if you were to ask Angel but they have worked their situation out.

But jump forward in time and now we have a recently divorced Sydney the IT whizz back in LA and even though he has never really been out of the picture, having him on the doorstep is about to get a whole heap more complicated than anyone could have possibly imagined.

Emi is the little sister of Angel’s sister-in-law Olivia and part of the whole Moreno/Romero family, but she has no idea who Sydney is despite the fact that they live in the same apartment block they have never met before.

But attending a family event, the two of them are foisted upon each other so to speak and a very comfortable friendship begins.

Sydney is a great character, late twenties, a high achiever, comfortable in his own skin and sexy as sin, he is a catch that any woman would love to land but he has been down that road before and while he is enjoying the single life once more, he also is aware that his contemporaries are all in relationships and he is somewhat missing that aspect of his life.

Emi is a hoot, she is a nurturer by nature, such an adorable character. Her attraction to Sydney plays on her mind but she convinces herself that no matter what she thinks he would never be with someone like her and she even goes so far as to date one of her superstar brother’s teammates.

But can she cast aside the way she feels?

Sydney is aware that Emi is much younger than him abut he is also aware of the fact that the time he spend with her is easily the time that he enjoys the most. They are soon virtually inseparable and while they are both harbouring feelings towards each other, neither of them are willing to risk taking that final step.

I was screaming at them to get on with it – a blind man could have seen that they were meant to be together but then again I didn’t have the weight of the Moreno’s baring down of me, fitting into this clan would be achievement in itself.

But when the inevitable eventually happened, I was smiling from ear to ear, they were just glorious together but I had a niggle that I was celebrating too soon and I didn’t have to wait long to have the smile wiped from my face. I was gutted!!

This is a super story, one that I completely adored. I was thrilled that Sydney got his story, he was a sort of forgotten character but he deserved to be heard.

I loved Emi but I actually loved hearing all about her brothers too, I hope we get a little bit more of them in future stories – I’d love for each of them to get their own book!

Elizabeth Reyes weaves her magic and brings the magic of the Moreno’s back to the fore – I’ve missed them!