Pieces of Heaven

by Natasha Madison

As stories go these characters didn’t have an easy trot, the author certainly put them and me through the wringer.

The lead characters Mike and Marissa are present in the previous story but in this they take centre stage and I found their story emotionally intense yet gloriously enlightening.

There was an intensity with which they were prepared to commit to each other than many may find almost impossible to comprehend. Their souls were connected in a way that only by being absolutely, completely and totally devoted to someone would allow you to experience. There was a level of almost addiction to each other that brought them to life and gave their love a power that refused to be curtailed.

They were normal in as much as they Marissa knew exactly what buttons to push and Mike knew when to take it and when to push back, their attitude was the selling point of the story foe me, they made me believe not only in them but what they were feeling and experiencing.

As you can probably imagine, they didn’t have everything easy and they both have a lot to overcome in order to make what they have work but they both seemed determined to stick with it. As much as I adored Marissa and her spicy attitude, Mike stole the show he won me over hands down and when I got to the end I wasn’t sure that I was ready to say goodbye to him.

I liked that the author played her cards close to her chest and that the twists that she had planned for the storyline were landed with a “BOOM”, I didn’t cotton on to what was going on until it was just that second too late. I think that is the reason that the book hit home and took the wind out of my sails.

Don’t be surprised if you find that the emotion catches up with you…it did me!

Cleverly written with pitch perfect characterisation and beautifully descriptive tones that only serve to illustrate and author who has her reader’s enjoyment at heart.

Topic: Pieces of Heaven by Natasha Madison

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