by Cassia Brightmore


The title might give you a hint as to what you can expect but I have to say that the true brilliance of the book will not only surreptitiously sneak up on you, it will beat you round the head while it laughs at you for not catching on sooner!!!

For a debut novel this is nothing short of exceptional.

It doesn’t rely on sex to keep you hooked- although I have to say some of the scenes are completely mind blowing, it carefully blends in an absolutely killer storyline and Cassia Brightmore; you are one very sick puppy because the twists and turns that you managed to get into this story are simply astonishing.

From the first chapter you will be gasping for more, I couldn’t find a paragraph where I felt able to put the bloody book down and just take stock of what I was reading, I was held hostage by it, completely addictive. I had a front row seat at the events that were unfolding and a tiny peek into the dark world of the killer and I my morbid curiosity was in overdrive – the sheer malevolence of the situation had my heart in my mouth and my eyes glued to the screen.

Sheriff Brady James, has the hopes of everyone in Durham Heights resting on his shoulders as he tries to unravel the mystery of just who is behind the recent spate of murders. While others may find that sort of pressure and responsibility daunting, Sheriff James has more than the average lawman’s tact and guile in his locker – this dominant man has it, like everything else he commands completely under control – and I bloody loved him!!

Jesus, he was so completely alpha that it wasn’t even funny – he oozed and yes, I do mean oozed power, charm and complete ( total and utter) control- Cassia – you are an evil wench – Brady James has just rocked my ever so neat Book Boyfriends List – and I am aghast! I hadn’t expected to find someone so fabulous that he made me want to keep him! If he’d let me of course.

While Sheriff James, stole my attention that is not to say that there were not a plethora of other characters with which it was easy to become enchanted, Gwyn, I was especially intrigued with while Mila really got my back up – bitch! They were only two amongst a stellar cast of potential victims!

I loved the relationship between Gwyn and Brady, Cassia left nothing to the imagination and I completely thank her for that because I wanted to know every little details about Sheriff James.

But the details that I did have with regards to the rest of the story (taking my new obsession out of the situation for the minute) had me completely at my wits end.

I thought I could see a slither of light and that I understood where the story was going when, no out of no-where I was slapped upside the head by the author for being impudent enough to think for one minute believe that I could figure out the madness that she had in store – the plot was so devious it was enigmatic!!

Completely – totally and absolutely loved this book!!!!