by Katie McCoy

Whilst I thought the story was an easy read, I must admit that I wasn’t particularly enamoured with Austin initially. Well, to be truthful I wasn’t actually that fussed about him for much of the book. He gave off an air of self-importance that was initially a little tough to break through.

I hated the way he treated Mia first off, he was her brothers best friend for crying out loud, if anyone was going to be mindful of hurting her feelings you would have thought it would have been him…and yes, I know that he wasn’t to know that she could or would have overheard his comments but that didn’t make me feel any better about the fact he said them in the first place it was douche move and he knew it…he just didn’t care.

Anyway, years later they cross paths yet again and yet again it is a less that amicable meeting, this time Mia catches him in a compromising situation and although she does her best to dismiss not just the situation but him too…he is having none of it and uses his position…his rock star pull to ensure that the interview that she is lined up to participate in is stacked in his favour…but would it work? Would he let her see that man that lies beneath the gloss of the media, exactly what makes him tick and what he wants most?

Now yet again I wasn’t sure whether I liked him for being so manipulative, he was hardly shy at bandying around the term “bro code” but yet he was creating situations that neither of them really needed to be in. I wanted him to be the guy that I thought was under the surface, and I think he did too but it just took him a while to get there.

There was a fair amount of sway back and forth between the two of them and I quite liked the fact that Mia was willing and able to stand her ground. I just wish at time that Austin had been a little less “Austin” at times if that makes any sense.

The book was a quick read, and held my attention, well written, I thought the author was creative with the characterisation.

Topic: SEX GOD by Katie McCoy

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