Road to Grace

by Piper Davenport

Sucker for an MC read I was eager to get stuck in when this hit my kindle and I wasn’t disappointed, Flea satisfied every expectation I had for him, an honest to goodness proper alpha male and more because he had another side of him that I found even more endearing. Yes, he was a man that loved things his own way and wasn’t shy about making sure that everyone knew it, but he also was so loving, so compassionate that he proved impossible to resist. Grace might have thought she could step away, not necessarily because of Flea but moreover the fact that she just didn’t have the wherewith all to get involved in something that might have the legs to last. Long-term relationships weren’t exactly on her agenda
Her past had left an indelible legacy, a tragic upbringing that saw pain and sorrow marred almost every day. But as an adult, she uses a mask of sass and attitude to hide behind and for most that barrier is enough but Flea, sees the real Grace and now she is back, he isn’t about to watch the woman he has set his sights on suffering. He makes sure that she knows that he is there, he is so caring, so considerate that I wondered just how long she was going to be able to hold out.
Their connection was honest, it read well, with an authenticity that made their relationship jump off the page. I enjoyed the banter between the two of them, the fact that humour and honesty that they both brought to the page.
Told from multiple points of view the story had a lot happening, a solid cast of secondary characters, including the MC family who gave as good as they got and showed exactly what Family means…although I don’t actually think any of them would have an answer for Grace’s Grandmother!! She was Epic.
Even if you haven’t read the Dogs of Fire series this stands perfectly on its own, so please don’t let that deter you. As a huge fan of the MC genre, this is one that I would highly recommend…well written this author brings everything you could possibly be looking for in a romance to the table.

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