The Hotel - Part Three

by Lola Darling


This was a super end to a fun and fast novella series.

It has had it all and it has been delightful.

But most of all I have to say it has been finger tingling hot!

After the ending of book 2 I have to say that book three was definitely hotly anticipated – and that is in more ways than one.

And this one turned the gas all the way up – heck you may think the pervious two were merely on simmer after reading this.

This was pleasure all the way and who doesn’t like a bit of indulgence now and again – Lola dishes up in buckets and the pleasure just kept on coming.

It wasn’t a mindless read, it had elements that had me frantically skimming back and forth to make sure I was reading all the facts because some caught me slightly unawares.

But when the end came, I was perched on the edge of my chair with a coffee in one hand, my kindle in the other and a cheesy grin plastered all over my face

If you have done with Dominic now – do you think I could have him Lola- pretty please!!!