The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare by JB Hartnett

I read the title and thought , Oh I’m not sure but rest assured I have absolutely castigated myself now because my reticence was completely unwarranted, The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare by JB Hartnett was not only uniquely different, it swept through my hands like a breath of fresh air and was everything that I hadn’t been expecting.

So don’t let that dark cover fool you because hiding inside is the most endearing tale of love and loss, told with humour and sensitivity and just a smudging of sauce!

There are enough plot twists and turns to keep you alert and there are a few moments when you will, scroll back and re-read just to make sure you got it right in the first place.

Genevieve is an easy character to like, a little on the kooky side, her job is one that I found completely enchanting, her ability to empathise and take on some of the pain and suffering of her clients is quite astonishing. Her resolve that grief is something she can share and diffuse is simple yet effective, she gives to others the realisation that no matter what with her in their corner, they are not alone. This I thought was characterisation of the highest order because it allowed us to see gen in all her glory. Gen herself was touched by sorrow in a big way but she refused to be decimated by it, her experience has made her the woman she is today.

But Gen has a secret, one that she has carried with her for many years, one that she doesn’t feel able to fulfil, she has a secret crush, one she has harboured for years…. Ahren.

Unrequited love always tugs at the heartstrings but in this case her feelings were reciprocated, it is just a shame that neither of them knew.

Ahren stole the show for me because he was an absolute diamond – it was impossible not to love the man. He was so cocky and charismatic, his sexy sweet demeanour was just adorable.

I was unsure as to how they would find their way together, especially taking into account the grief that is befalls the pair of them but the author gently treads her way on the right side of delicate, to  tastefully deliver this pair a romance that is worthy of them.

Loss is not something that can be belittled and JB Hartnett strikes and blow for the good guy here, Gen and Ahren are two genuinely good souls who not only deserve to be happy together but are earning their wings together.

Looking for something different, not angst ridden and angry them this is your book, it is delightfully different and it was a pleasure to have read it.