Beard Up

by Lani Lynn Vale

I was totally taken aback by the lengths to which Ghost had not only gone but was prepared to continue to go to in order to protect those he loved, namely his girls,

I was pretty sure that I knew who he was before I started the book and but I complement Ms Vale on the way she is not only willing but superbly able to weave her magic. I was double guessing myself by the end of the first paragraph, convinced one minute that I was mistaken and then sporting a sneaky smirk as I realised that I had the measure of these men…finally !

I say it all the time, this is an author that you need to read and Beard Up only solidifies my resolve that this author is an absolute keeper.

Beard Up is a tragically beautiful read that celebrates the absolute power of love from all of those involved, Ghost’s self-control was staggering. I think you need to make yourself comfortable, make sure you have a stiff drink and tissues to hand and give yourself the time to absorb the emotion of the book from start to finish…there were so many occasions where the depth of feeling brought a catch to the back of my throat, literally taking the very breath from my lungs.

As the story is unveiled, as the underlying reasons why each of the events has taken place, as the feelings of those involved are brought to the surface…I felt every emotion from desolation…. to unconditional love.

One thing I will tell you is Ghost is not alone in his story, the rest of the guys show their faces and that makes me a very happy woman…I totally love these guys!!

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