Fall for Me from Alexis Noelle

This all about Madison, a girl that has had such a rough start in life that the fact she is functioning at all shows just why she deserves to have her own story, I can only imagine the power struggle going on in the authors head as she tried to get Madison’s story down on paper because I think there are so many ways this tough young woman could have pushed for her story to go.

But Ms Noelle is a master at her craft and Madison got the story that was absolutely perfect for her and I loved every word of it.

Having lost her mother, Madison really did have a torrid time of it growing up, her father was a complete swine who took great pleasure in burdening her with his spite and constantly rubbing in the fact that as far as he was concerned – it was her fault that her mother as no longer with them. How spiteful!

Eventually she is removed by the child protective services and he spends years between foster homes, some better than others but none of them were really enough and by the time she was eighteen years old, she is out on her own and settling into college.

But she has tied herself up with a loser of a boyfriend Chris, really he is a complete reprobate – he is a nasty piece of work – abusive and so damn controlling. I really felt for her but I understood her life choices, I just hung on to the hope that she would finally see that she was worth more.

I didn’t have to wait long to find my hero, I just had to wait a little longer for her to see that he was her hero too.

Carter was a great character and from the minute she crashed into him, I knew she had her man, one that would treat her properly but he has the patience of a saint because it was a long steady process for him to finally open her eyes to the fact that she was a beautiful, funny, intelligent woman who deserved better than what she was settling for – she deserved him, someone who could love her.

But Chris wasn’t ready to give her up without a fight and I have to say the conflict that this added to the story was not only angsty, it was painful, I was so angry at the whole thing – the man was an ass of the highest order… how dare he!!!

I felt the pain that they were all going through but I have to say the whole book was super.