Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin


Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin

This is Liam and Josie’s story, it has it all but at its heart is the old dilemma between love and forgiveness.

The emotion of the book is staggering and from the start it is obvious that you will need to have the tissues handy.

Liam Page (Westbury as he was) is a superstar singer who left the little town of Beaumont 10 years earlier to find his way in the world – always figuring that he would return to claim the woman he loved – his high school sweetheart Josie.

But time and tide waits for no man and 10 years later Liam is making his way back to Beaumont under the most unfortunate of circumstances – he best friend from school – Mason has been killed in a traffic accident and Liam is hoping to just slip into town for the ceremony and leave without anyone knowing he is there.

Josie has had her own problems to deal with, when Liam left she had no idea that, that would be the last time she would see him for so long, she tried everything in her power to contact him – but he changed his number thinking it was for the best and when she contacted his record company – they dismissed her and didn’t pass her messages on to Liam – little did either of them know that, that one act of callousness would result in a father missing 10 years with his son.

Moving on with her life wasn’t easy for Josie but she is in a relationship with an old school friend Nick – not best friends with Liam under any circumstances but he has accepted Josie’s son Noah as part of his life and is like a father figure to the boy.

So 10 years on they are both in the same town for the first time in a decade and in all that time – Liam has never gotten over Josie – he is the only person he has every loved – he purposely refuses to have relationships and never has told anyone but her that he loves them. Josie has no idea he is there but his heart is telling him that he has to see her – she is his girl and like a moth to flame nothing will keep him away.

“I told her I'd love her forever. I said I love you first and promised to never let her go.”

Just one moment and their lives change again but this time it is forever.

Stepping into her florists shop, Liam discovers exactly what else he left behind when he left Beaumont and his heart is broken again but he has to make this right, this is something that he wants in his life and this is something that he has to make Josie see that he deserves.

But can she let in back into her life and her heart – well I suppose the question is really – Did he ever leave?

Josie is a fiercely strong woman – she’s been a young mother but has brought up her son and started her own business. She doesn’t need Liam Page and all his money in either her or her son’s life but she is s fantastic mother and she knows that Noah deserves the right to get to know his father and to that end – Liam has his way.

Josie find it difficult to separate the dual personal of Liam – her Liam Westbury from high school and Liam Page the rock god and with all his charm, Liam doesn’t make it easy for her because once he starts to spend time with Noah and Josie he knows his heart is right where it belongs – now he just has to convince her. She takes her time and the road is far from smooth but her heart has always been his and now is no different.

“I never thought I'd see the boy who stole my heart and failed to give it back. I'm not sure I want it back.”

 The twists and turns keep this moving at a pace and the other characters are a joy.


Bring on Harrison and Katelyn!!!


Rating 4.5 out of 5