Vow of Devotion

by Emma Renshaw

Ava wasn’t looking for anything more from life other than settling into a new town, making sure her job was down pat and helping to ensure that her little girl Lilly had everything she could possibly wish for, after all, moving home is a tough call on everyone. She certainly wasn’t looking for a man to complicate life and especially not a guy like Hudson Wells.
There was more to the devilishly handsome Hudson Wells that meets the eye, I only hoped that Ava was willing to see past her initial observations that this was a guy that was only looking for a good time, not a long time and she wasn’t particularly looking for either!
Hudson had plans, he was a man on a mission, determined to prove to not only his family but himself that he could make his mark in the family business, he was focused on where he wanted to be and at no point did he anticipate the impact that someone like Ava would have in his life, because after their initial meet, he just couldn’t stay away…he wanted more than just a friendship but if that was all that was on offer initially he was willing to take it, luckily for him it didn’t take long for him to ingratiate himself into Ava’s life and it wasn’t long before their friendship was more than they had thought possible.
I thought this was a wonderful contemporary romance, the author gave the lead man the opportunity to prove that he was so much more than his first impression may have suggested. I loved that he dug in and was willing to work for the opportunity at a relationship with not only Ava but the totally enchanting Lilly.
Of course, not everything is smooth sailing, Ava has been through the mill but when the angst is ramped up, you have to hope that they have what it takes to survive…just you wait until you get to that part of the book, it’s mental!!!
I loved Ava she was a great character, but it was Hudson all the way for me with this, he was just fabulous!


Topic: Vow of Devotion by Emma Renshaw

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