Waiting for Wyatt by S D Hendrickson

Some books hide behind their cover, some tempt you in with a litany of promises only to leave you feeling cheated…this is NOT one of those books.

This quietly played its cards very close to its chest.

Gave very little away but by the time you finish it will have you slack jawed and addled!!! This was a book that I didn’t expect but am thankful that I have read…it was exceptional.

When I got my first handle on Emma, I was shaking my head at her and her doggy antics, yep I am so not a dog person but the way she felt about the animals leapt off the pages, she was completely devoted and I suppose that should have given me a clue as to her makeup.

Wyatt on outwards appearances is a sullen, vague man who is best left well alone, so when Emma happens upon his kennel in search of someone to help with a rescued dog, he might have agreed to take the animal off her hands, but that didn’t mean that he was open to her becoming a frequent visitor.

It is a shame that Emma wasn’t exactly reading off the same page of the memo, because he intrigued her and she had no intension of letting go, like a dog with a bone, she wanted a peak at what make this illusively mysterious man tick.

As hard as Wyatt tries to dissuade her, Emma keeps on coming, she is peeling back the layers of this complicated man, she knows that under his gruff and abrasive exterior is a heart that has the capacity and candour for love and empathy, she only had to look at eth way he was with his animals to know that whatever he was hiding was not meant to define him.

But as their relationship grows and develops and they become emotionally and romantically intertwined, there are secrets ready to leave them wounded, to cut them so deep that survival together may just be unattainable.

The book is a love story.

It make no apologies for that and nor should it.

It is gloriously romantic and just beautifully endearing.

I had my heart hung out to dry when their world crashed around them and peaked my way through my fingers as I read whether or not Emma would be able to forgive the man she loved for the errors of his past when he found that trait so impossible himself.

I adored Emma’s determination but simply put I adored Wyatt – all of him.

He had me from the get-go and I wasn’t willing to put him down, I am only pleased that Emma saw that he was worth fighting for.

Fiction is by definition a creative look into a world of make believe, well I don’t want Wyatt and Emma to live on the pages any longer, I think I might just carry them around in my heart for a while.

Topic: Waiting for Wyatt by S D Hendrickson

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