Sweet Cheeks by K Bromberg

Beautifully written, beautifully funny, beautifully sassy…I hope you are getting the idea here that this is just a beautiful book!

As I expected with this author, there is nothing to say other than I adored the book!

I got a book that was completely captivating, a story that was seriously enchanting and characters that were simply fabulous.

Saylor does the unthinkable but for all the right reasons, she replies to her ex’s wedding invitation in a moment of complete indignation and anger …but rather than telling him that he can take is invitation and stick it somewhere, where the sun doesn’t shine, she accepts and worse than that she adds a plus one just to re-iterate the point that she has moved on.

Just one little problem with that, she doesn’t have a plus one!

Now Saylor was a woman I could relate to, she had moved on from the relationship with her ex and was doing everything’s he could to forge a future for herself and I really mean for herself…she wasn’t on the hunt for a guy, she didn’t need one, she had opened her bakery Sweet Cheeks and was working her butt off to make sure it was everything she wanted it to be.

All this is well and good but she now has the problem that she has to find someone to go with her to this wedding and not a lot of time to sort it out…so when a sexy movie star rocks back up in town, could fate be giving her a helping hand or it a slap in the face? Because this isn’t just any old movie star, this is the guy that let her slip through his fingers, who gave her up in order to make his mark in Hollywood.

Hayes Whitley won the hearts of millions but he broke Saylor in the process.

Can he right that wrong?

Will he help her out and be her plus one?

I loved the fact that they were able to reconnect, they had a rapport, a comfortable manner that despite the fact that there was a painful past between them meant that they had one foot on the ladder to a relationship that might actually work…

Together their relationship was enough to force a gasp, they were fabulous together, they made all the right moves and for all the right reasons.

I adored the connection they had and the fact that they were willing to not take themselves or their situation too serious, the had a light-hearted intensity that helped to forge a relationship that I knew as going to go the distance.

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