Slaying the Dragon by T K Leigh


*This book brings The Deception Duet to a close and it should not be read as a standalone novel – you must read Chasing the Dragon first*

Picking straight up from where the first book left off, this loses nothing in the transition from one book to the next, the flow is seamless.

The story is gripping, it has a plethora of emotions running throughout the pages and a raw edge that is just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Mackenzie is still reeling after the events at the back end of book one, it was painful and the betrayal wounded her to the core.

I actually thought that she would struggle to recover but no matter the reasoning behind what happened, Mackenzie knows that Tyler has left his imprint on her heart, and she just can’t forget what they had but that doesn’t mean that when he eventually returns she is ready to forgive and forget… not happening, well not right off the bat it ain’t!

I liked Mackenzie, mostly. She had the ability to annoy me at times but overall I thought she was one tough cookie.

But Tyler well, he not only had to win Mackenzie around when he came back into the picture, I also found that I was harbouring a lot of resentment towards him and the situation that he was responsible for.

I knew that he had his work cut out, but just how far is he prepared to go to get Mackenzie back?

But there is no keeping a good couple down and anything worth having is worth fighting for so the saying goes, so I suppose the result was never really in doubt but getting there... what a ride. The pull and passion between the two of them was uncontrollable, they set the page alight.

The book encourages you to think, to wonder and to question, it takes its time to answer all the questions that were hanging about? I mean who is really responsible for the murders?

TK Leigh has yet another smash hit on her hands with this stunning conclusion.

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