by Erika Wilde

The 4th book in the series and in my opinion, this is the best so far. If you haven’t read the others then don’t worry it isn’t exactly essential that you have because this can be read as a standalone novel but I think that in the scheme of things they do add a depth to the story. But the choice is yours.

The story centres around Mac (Brent Mac Millan) who owns The Players Club and Stephanie Randal, the one woman on the face of the earth that he doesn’t really want to have anything to do with l, let alone have tow orc with her but if he wants to move forward with his plan and make the changes that he wants to the club then Stephanie is the woman to make that happen, so he has little choice in the matter.

Don’t get me wrong, Mac doesn’t dislike Stephanie, quite the opposite but since she isn’t part of the club, he has stupidly decided that he is going to steer clear…well, famous last words I thought and I could help but want to see just how well that worked out for him!

Stephanie isn’t oblivious to the fact that Mac has been side lining her, pushing her away so to speak and whilst she likes him, there seemed little chance of anything coming to fruition whilst they seemed to be at some sort of perverse Mexican standoff.

I could have screamed at Mac to just get his head out of the clouds and take a look at the woman in front of him, the woman that was willing to give anything a try in order to be with him…and I must say that I let out a satisfying sigh of relief when he finally relented and gave in…but would Stephanie accept everything that Mac had to show her or would the truth be too much for her to understand. I hoped that she wouldn’t judge him, after all she had an inkling that everything he entailed wasn’t exactly run of the mill but when laid bare, facing that was always going to be a risk. I had my fingers crossed for them.

I needn’t have been worried because the author had a lot more planned for this pair than I anticipated because once that door was open, they were both on a learning curve that took on a life of its own. Mac had to learn to let go and embrace what he had with Stephanie while she was learning to cut loose and enjoy what she was experiencing with Mac,  free form the restraints that she had placed on herself and learning to enjoy a side of her life that she had never imagined having.

The chemistry between the two of them was insane, they were fantastic characters and I quickly whipped my way through their story, thoroughly entertaining.

Topic: PLAYING HIS WAY by Erika Wilde

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