by Kelly Moran

Oh My, I felt as if I was being pecked away at, slowly nip by nip the author gave her characters just enough of an edge to make sure as their story played out…it left a mark.

This was a glorious depiction of life, of a path that can unfortunately be so easy to fall foul of, but of what it takes to turn that struggle and misfortune around.

I liked Amy, I get that not everybody may feel the same way but I didn’t see her as being the sort of character that I wanted to fail, I just thought she needed to get her life by the scruff of the neck and give it a darn good shake, she needed to set herself a focus and stick to it. She didn’t always have the best of luck and moreover she didn’t always make the sort of choices that she should have…and I liked that because it gave her an realistic vulnerability.

But this wasn’t all about Amy, she had a guardian angel almost, someone who wanted to make sure that she could not only see but also find her way out of the mess she was in, that delicious man was Nakos, and I adored him.

But would Amy?

Well you will discover that when you read the story and I will say now – do not wait…read it now…you will not be disappointed!

Topic: Benediction by Kelly Moran

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