Offensive Rebound

by MJ Fields

I have read lots and lots of sports based romance novels but this was the first one that was based around basketball, so that was a positive from the get go.

Seattle Stallions, not exactly the team that everyone wants to play for since they have been in the doldrums for far too long but following the death of her father, the team has a new owner…his fresh out of college daughter Courtney. Well this should be interesting!!!

Courtney doesn’t know the first thing about running her dad’s team but he left it to her for a reason and she is determined that she is going to prove not only to the team but also to herself that she has what it takes to get these guys back on the winning trail again, the only problem is that she has to get the guys to see her as more than some spoilt rich kid. Not an easy task.

Trae is on the team but he knows that his time is limited, that was the deal that he had in place with her father …just enough to secure not only his future but that of his little girl. And I will admit now that the love between Trae and his daughter is the most beautiful thing about this book. They made my heart melt and I am sure I was a swooning mess in the corner on more than one occasion. If you are looking for a new BBF, you may not have to look much further.

Can this pair turn the team around, will they even be able to work together and if they can will they be able to keep it strictly professional or are things likely to become a lot more complicated. Well to answer those questions you will have read the book, spend some time in their company, you will not be disappointed!

Topic: Offensive Rebound by MJ Fields

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