by Janine Infante Bosco

Literally and literary some of the best work I have read from this author and that is saying something because her work is stellar at the best of times.

This might be the last in the series and I know that it is often said “saved the best till last” but in this case as hard as it would be to actually pick out one book above any other others, I would personally have to say that I have enjoyed Loner the most.

There is a level of pain, either physical or emotional at which as human being we start to shut down, where life becomes a motion not an emotion and where just putting your feet on the floor each day is a major achievement. For me this book explored the enormity of that, this was a journey that didn’t circumvent the pain that their lives had brought to them, no this was a journey that saddled everything they had up and rode straight through the middle of it all and took me along for the ride too.

This was cleverly told from both points of view allowing for reflection on not only where they had been but also the opportunity to feel the emotion of where they are now and where they hope to be.

Linc quite simply blew me away, the intensity that I felt towards him and what he had been through caught me by surprise. His formative years were something that I would wish on no-one, a mother that was too broken to care for herself let alone a child and a father that through his actions had caused him a lifetime of agony.

With Wolf, Linc found not only family in the shape of his Uncle but the family that the MC gave him. But it was what he hadn’t been looking for that threw him, he found Kelly and his struggle dealing with how he felt towards her was captivating. She was everything he really wanted but was willing to accept…at first.

I loved the connection between the two of them but as much as they made me smile, they also brought me to tears on more than one occasion. Their path to happiness was littered with not only sadness but there was also a darkness that did its best to destroy the fact that under all the angst was the fact that these were good people.

An emotional story of love and loss, of second chances and of taking what you not only want but need from life, Kelly and Linc needed each other, they were the flame to each other’s fire and watching the battle they go through to bring that to fruition was enough to have my jaw on the floor, repeatedly.

This is a must-read story; the whole series is unforgettable but for me Linc and Kelly just knocked it out the park.

Topic: Loner by Janine Infante Bosco

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